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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting, part. 12 (bi-high school)_____________12___________________
Gary and Greg had made a conscious decision to leave the house when they
finally tore themselves away from the closet window; they knew if they
stayed around they would be irresistibly drawn back to it and they’d never
get anything else done. They were on their way to the local McDonald’s,
belatedly aware that they were famished. The walk so far had been
unusually silent for them; neither was quite sure what to say since their
typical banter–even before the last couple of days– included a sexual
reference about every four words and since they were entirely drained of
sexual energy at the moment their thought processes were disjointed. Greg
finally broke the ice.”You gonna go out for baseball again next year?”"I guess so,” responded Gary.Silence again took over for the next block or so.”You ever get your bike fixed?” asked Gary.”No,” said Greg, “It’s not worth it–frame’s cracked.”"Huh.”They arrived at the McDonald’s a few minutes later, the above having been
the total of their conversation for the entire walk. After they got their
burgers they sat outside on a parking curb and ate. A few minutes passed,
at which point Gary, after looking around furtively, asked in a lowered
voice, “So do you think we’re gay or something?”Greg choked and ejected a mouthful of burger onto the parking lot. Www Preteen Nymphets “What
the f…”(cough, hack, acckkkk)”…uck are you talking about? Why’re you
asking me that?”Gary, wide-eyed at Greg’s response, paused before saying, “Well, duuuh…I
mean…what have we been doing pretty much constantly the last two days?”Greg patiently wrapped his burger back in the paper and put it back in the
bag, then looked earnestly at Gary. “Dude. Chill. I been thinking about
this too. Listen and follow along: Are you in love with me?”It was Gary’s turn to choke a little on burger. “Fuck, no,” he said
quickly, then paused, “Although I do think I love sex, and I only have sex
with you…”"Dipshit, everybody loves sex, even people who aren’t supposed to like all
those fuckhead TV bible guys. Doesn’t mean jack. Ok–next: why were we so
boned up all morning?”Without thinking, Gary said “‘Cause we were watching the girls out on the
roof and anybody…hey, I see where you’re going with this. So it was the
girls that got us going…”"Well, now slow down Einstein–not that simple. I thought a lot about this
last night. We obviously both like girls a lot, right? But we both got
boners yesterday watching the movie with the guys in it, right? And we
both got boners looking at each other`s dicks when you came over yesterday.
And we neither of us ever had sex with anybody except our hands before
yesterday, right? So what does that all mean?”Gary looked blank, like someone had hit him over the head with a bat. “I
have no fucking idea at all,” he said slowly.”EXACTLY!” shouted Greg triumphantly, pointing in emphasis as he stood up
quickly, dropping his fries onto the asphalt. “Fuck,” he mumbled as he
stooped to pick them up, but then continued, “I don’t either!” Gary looked
completely befuddled, and Greg continued. “You don’t know what it means, I
don’t know what it means–which means it may not mean shit! We both like
girls, and we both at least for now like playing with each other’s cocks.
To me, all that means is that we like sex a lot, and what’s wrong with
that?”Gary was silent for several moments as this sank in, then a smile slowly
formed on his face and he looked up. “I can live with that,” he said
confidently.”Good–so shut up about it and gimme some a your fries. You made me drop
As they made their way from McDonald’s, the boys found that they were both
in better moods, perhaps due to their tanks again being full and/or having
any lingering doubts about their sexuality resolved. Gary asked Greg if he
still had a copy of a certain BMX bicycle magazine that had an ad for a
parts company in the back.”Think so,” responded Greg, “Let’s go over to my house and see if I can
find it.” As they made a right at the corner to head for Greg’s, he
observed “You know how lucky we are to see what we saw this morning? I bet
most guys go their whole lives without seein’ two babes doin’ each other.
And like two of the hottest girls ever, you know?”"No shit. And remember we got it all on tape, too, so we can watch it
whenever we want,” said Gary as he idly readjusted his slightly growing
organ at the thought of it. “I was completely sexed out this morning, but
now just thinking of what’s on that tape’s giving me a chub.”"Yah, me too,” said Greg, “You know, I was thinking about Www Preteen Nymphets that tape.
That’s got to be one of the hottest things ever–a lot of guys would pay
big bucks to see that. Shit, guys would pay to see your sister with her
clothes ON, she’s so hot.”"Well, quit thinking about it. As hot as she is, don’t forget that IS my
sister and I could never do that to her. She was cool enough to not rat on
us when she caught us, and she’s a pretty good sister overall–I’d have to
be a complete asshole to show her naked to other guys…and don’t forget,
you have this fantasy of maybe fucking her some day, which’d all be blown
to shit if we did that.”Greg nodded thoughtfully. “You really think she’d fuck me? I’m not sure
I’d even make it in her before I blew–god DAMN she’s so fucking hot…” he
added, his now fully hard cock very apparent in his shorts. Both boys had
left their underwear in Gary’s closet that morning in their haste to avoid
overstimulation, but as a result their erections were quite visible.”I have no idea if she’d fuck you, dude, that was your idea–I don’t really
even know if she likes guys at all after what we saw this morning, although
maybe she’s like us and just likes sex, you know? Then you’d have a
chance–I know she likes your cock.”"We gotta figure that out–if I fucked her I could die happy, no matter
what else happened in my life. Shit let’s quit talking about this; my
dick’s so hard you could hang shirts on it and we’re almost at my house.
It’s not like it’s Www Preteen Nymphets not noticeable or nothing,” he noted as he indicated his
shorts, which clearly revealed the long tube of flesh extending from zipper
to hip. Gary unconsciously licked his lips at the sight and adjusted his
now also fully hard penis, unable to shake the feeling that he was maybe
just a little TOO attracted to Greg’s cock, aware that that was the
stimulus making him hard, not the thought of fucking Jamie. This sent his
mind off in several directions, and he lost himself in thought for the last
couple of blocks to Greg’s–had he thought of fucking Jamie? WOULD he fuck
his own sister if he could? He certainly found her attractive–he beat off
looking at her with her clothes ON yesterday, so no problem there, and
nude…well, at least a third of the sperm in his closet was his, although
that was at least partly due to watching Carolyn and Greg also so he
couldn’t tell. Just another thing he just didn’t know, he concluded, and
left it at that as they approached Greg’s house.They went around back where Greg found the door locked, meaning his parents
weren’t home, so he dug under a potted geranium and pulled out the spare
key with which he opened the door and they went in. There was a note on
the counter:”Greg: In case you come home for some reason fyi we’ll be out late. Your
brother is sleeping over at Ricky’s tonight. Do your homework!
Mom”"She’s such a dipshit,” said Greg after reading the note, “One, as far as
they know I’m not coming home today, so why tell me to do homework, and
two, it’s fucking summer and I’m not in school. I never know if she’s
kidding or just clueless. Let’s see if we can find that magazine,” he
added, and they bounded up the back steps. Gary almost collided with Greg
at the top, however, when Greg stopped suddenly and shushed him when Gary
started to complain. “Why’s my door almost closed?” Greg whispered, “I
always keep it open when I’m not here and my Ma always opens it `cause she
says my room smells funny.”The boys crept silently down the carpeted hallway until they came to Greg’s
door, which was open about two inches. As their eyes focused on the inside
of the room, they were astounded to see Greg’s 11 year old brother Jeff
completely naked, kneeling on the floor at the end of Greg’s Www Preteen Nymphets
bed on which
one of Greg’s old, bedraggled copies of Penthouse lay open, jacking his
erect penis at medium speed. Gary and Greg looked at each other with shock
and amusement, and Greg put his mouth right up against Gary’s ear, saying
“Wait until he’s almost done.” Gary nodded, and they went back to watching
the show.Gary was a little surprised by the size of Jeff’s erection–it looked like
it was about as long as his own 4 incher, although it had no hair and was
somewhat thinner. He found it quite erotic to once again be watching
someone engaged in a sexual act without their knowledge, and his own penis
rose quickly to full hardness, causing him to drop his hand to his crotch
to adjust it. This did not go unnoticed by Greg who, to his surprise,
found his own cock growing as well. He saw his brother nude all the time
but he had never, to his recollection, seen him boned up, and he had to
admit his dick was pretty nice. At this point Jeff’s hand started moving
somewhat faster on his sex, and he paused to spit on his hand before
resuming. He turned the page of the magazine to a spread showing a man and
woman fondling each other’s genitals, the man with what looked like a
erection and the woman’s pussy wide open. This apparently excited Jeff,
because his stroking became faster still and as he began to moan and closed
his eyes, assumedly just prior to orgasm, Greg opened the door all the way
and said “What are you doing in my room, buttwipe?”Jeff attempted to spring to his feet but the way he was kneeling caused his
feet to get tangled and he sort of spun half sideways before falling on the
floor, his cock still fully erect and pointing skyward. As soon as he got
his bearings, however, he sprung to his feet and faced the doorway, his
hands coving his groin as his penis started to rapidly deflate. His face
was bright red as he stammered, “Uhhhh, hi uhhh Greg…and ohhhh, Gary too,
welllllll, hi, oh, um I was just errrr ummmm looking for ummmblahh and I
found this magazine and uhhhhh well, you know…”"That magazine was under my mattress,” said Greg authoritatively, “What
else were you looking for under there?”"Well, I was looking for your hmmphblahh…oh, fuck it I was looking for
the Penthouse cause I saw you put it there one day and I promise
I’ll…never…” Jeff’s torrent of words stopped for a moment as he noticed
the Www Preteen Nymphets
obvious condition of the other’s boys’ crotches. “Hey…you guys got
boners too…how long were you looking at me?”"Long enough. That’s no excuse for…”"Can I see `em?” asked Jeff with a smile, taking his hands away from his
groin; as his confidence Www Preteen Nymphets grew that he wasn’t going to get into trouble, his
cock did too.”Fuck no you can’t see’em, you’re in big troub…” started Greg before
being interrupted by Gary, who was staring at Jeff’s now fully erect penis.
“Why not?” said Gary, “Maybe it would be educational for him.”Greg knew this was bullshit, but he was pretty horny and kind of wanted to
say yes to the question in the first place, but figured as older brother it
was his duty to keep giving Jeff a hard time–he Www Preteen Nymphets
was happy Gary intervened.
“You know, that’s true,” he agreed, “Maybe the little fuckhead can learn
something about being a man,” not believing a word of it as he pulled his
t-shirt over his head, noticing Gary doing the same. Jeff was staring at
their bulges, Www Preteen Nymphets and had restarted stroking his hard shaft at a slow tempo as
the other two unbuttoned their shorts. Gary pulled his down first, his
iron hard cock pointing almost straight up. “Hey, you got hair!” exclaimed
Jeff. Gary lowered his shorts to the floor and was then as nude as Jeff.
They turned their attention to Greg, who looked menacingly at Jeff and
said, “If anybody finds out about this you’re so pounded.”"Who would I tell?” piped Jeff, “And why? I’m as naked as you guys.”With a mumbled “hmmph” Greg dropped his shorts, his hard six plus inches
swinging out to the front with about half of the head revealed in front of
his foreskin. “Wow, yours is big…hey, what’s the deal with the end part?
It’s different than mine and Gary’s.”Greg filled his hand with his long cock and pulled the foreskin back,
exposing the red, wet looking head. “It’s called being uncircumsized,
buttwad. Lots of guys are like this. Www Preteen Nymphets
You and Gary just had the skin cut
off when you were babies. I wonder why they did you and not me?”"I dunno, but I think it’s cool. Can I…feel it?” asked Jeff.”Sure,” said Greg, and removed his hand, allowing his brother to encircle
his tool, which looked huge in Jeff’s smaller hand. As he began to slide
the loose foreskin back and forth, Jeff noted “I love how easy it is to
move the skin–I bet that feels pretty good.”Greg’s knees buckled a little bit as he watched his little brother jack him
off. “Fuckin A right it feels good.”Gary, feeling a little left out, asked Jeff “Do you mind if I feel yours?”"Sure!” responded Jeff with a big Www Preteen Nymphets smile, and Gary felt the younger boy’s
superhard cock throb as he grabbed it and started rubbing the head. He
wasn’t sure how it was possible, but Jeff’s dick felt even harder than his
own–maybe because it Www Preteen Nymphets
was a little smaller–the thing hardly moved when he
touched it… it was like touching a railroad spike. “Man!” exclaimed
Jeff, “It feels way better when somebody else does it!” He paused a moment,
not sure how to say it, “Do you guys…um… get the feeling?”Gary and Greg both cracked up. “Ummm, if what you’re talking about is the
feeling you get when your dick and then your whole body feels like it’s
going to explode, then yes, we get it, only we call it “coming”, and I bet
we do it a little different than you,” said Greg.”Whattaya mean `different’? There’s another way?”"Well, there’s only one way, but when you `get the feeling’ does anything
come out?”"Come out? Out of where? My boner? Like what?”"Geez, don’t you ever get on the internet? Yes, out of your dick–when we
come, white stuff shoots out of our dicks. I make a real lot
usually…gulp…oh this feels really good…Uhhhhhhhhhh,” Greg groaned as
if to prove his point as he ejaculated without Www Preteen Nymphets
warning from Www Preteen Nymphets
Jeff’s slow
hand job, a large load hitting Jeff flush on the upper stomach (”Whoa,
man!” exclaimed Jeff), the second firing between Jeff and Gary onto the
bed, the next painting Gary’s thigh as Jeff aimed the wildly spurting organ
away from himself and then let go, causing Greg to take over where he
finished coming with fast, savage strokes before collapsing onto the bed.Jeff and Gary looked at the sperm dripping down their bodies and started
laughing. “I think I get it now,” said Jeff. “It sure looks like you Www Preteen Nymphets
it,” laughed Greg, “I’ll go get a towel.”As he left the room Gary and Jeff looked at each other’s still vertical
erections and simultaneously reached out for them, starting a mutual
mid-speed stroke. “So stuff comes out of yours too?” asked Jeff. “Yeah,
responded Gary, “but not as much as your brother–he’s a machine.” He
looked down at Jeff’s attractive cock and had the almost overwhelming urge
to suck it. “So have you ever done anything with anybody else?”"Well, kinda I guess…Ricky and I got boners and showed’em to each other
once, but we never touched each others or got the feeling or nothing.”"Ok, well don’t get weirded out or anything but I’m going to do like the
best thing you can do with another person,” said Gary, and lowered himself
to his knees in front of Jeff, closely examining his bone hard penis. It
was at least four inches long and looked even larger on his slight frame;
the shaft was very white and perfectly smooth with no visible veins, but
the head was several shades darker and a distinct reddish purple, throbbing
slightly with each heartbeat. Gary slowly lowered his mouth over the
pulsing head, and with the first lick of his tongue across it Jeff’s knees
buckled a little and he saw stars. “Hooahh–this feels so good it’s like
I’m gonna pass out,” he croaked, and his hips instinctively began to thrust
slightly back and forth as Gary’s tongue continued to lave Jeff’s entire
sex. Greg came into the room just then and saw what was going on, and
after watching for just a moment saw where he was most needed–Gary’s cock
was untended, throbbing, and dripping a small amount of juice–so he lay on
the carpet in front of Gary and sucked his erection deep into his mouth,
causing Gary to pause momentarily in his sucking of Jeff to see what Greg
was doing, and Jeff moaned pitifully and humped the air until Gary resumed.Moments later, Jeff put his hands on Gary’s head and said haltingly “I’m
gonna…get the fee…feeling…uhhhhh,” and Gary was aware of the penis in
his mouth start to clench and throb strongly as it attempted to push out
its as yet nonexistent load. This was too much for Gary and triggered his
own orgasm, and as he removed his mouth from Jeff’s still spasming cock he
mumbled “Ohhh I’m coming” as Greg fastened his mouth around the root of his
cock so as not to miss any of the salty emission, which Greg noted was
rather copious by Gary’s standards. Gary and Jeff both fell on the bed as
they came down, Jeff’s penis still fully airborne. Greg also had a renewed
erection by this time, but wanted nothing to do with Jeff’s interest in it.
“Another time, dude…this thing needs a rest. You can come over and over
again `cause you’re not sperming yet–not so easy for Gary and me,” he
advised his brother. Gary observed how this was pretty much bullshit as he
had seen Greg fountaining out come on a pretty continuous basis that
morning, but thought it was nonetheless sound advice for Jeff.”That was way, way, cool,” said Jeff with admiration, “Do you think we can
do it again sometime?”"I’d do it again with you,” said Gary, “But some people think doing it with
your family is kind of wrong, so anything else is up to Greg.”"Good point–I’m sure we’ll do stuff sometimes, Jeff,” said Greg seriously,
looking fondly at his brothers still rampant erection, “But you gotta
promise that you’ll never tell anybody–not even Ricky–that we do. I
guess Gary and I both figure all sex is good, but there’s other dumbfucks
who have a lotta rules about it and you never know who they are.”Jeff got up off the bed and hugged his brother closely, their hard penises
tight against the other’s body. “Thanks Greg–you’re a cool brother–we’re
gonna have lots of fun.”Greg extricated himself from Jeff’s embrace and agreed “Yah, I’m sure we
are, but for now you better put that thing away before you hurt somebody
with it,” indicating Jeff’s boner. “Let’s get back to your house, Gar–I
want to see that thing we made this morning.”"What thing?” asked Jeff predictably, “Is it Www Preteen Nymphets a Www Preteen Nymphets treehouse or a fort or
something?”"Nahhh–boring stuff,” said Greg as he grabbed the BMX magazine from his
nightstand. “Later, shithead–get dressed.” And with that, Gary and Greg
went back downstairs Www Preteen Nymphets
and left.Jeff sat naked on the bed for a moment, idly stroking his erection–he had
a feeling the sleepover at Ricky’s that night might be a lot more fun than
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